Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good Morning Douglas and Saugatuck, Michigan. The sunset over Lake Michigan was picture perfect last night.

Today in West Michigan! Completely sunny with temps in the hangin in the mid 70's. It's been great sleeping weather lately with the temps in the mid 50's, windows wide open, awesome!!!

Here at Sherwood Forest Bed and Breakfast, it’ will be a great beach day, hardly any wind, take a dip in the big lake, a walk along the lakeshore, take one of the bikes for a leisurely ride into town, have brunch at Everyday People Cafe in Douglas, Michigan and catch a mid afternoon nap while reading the Sunday paper.

Looking for something to do, here are a few suggestions...

Catch the sunset tonight, it will be around 7:58, days are getting shorter, just 8 days left of summer and I can guarentee that they'll all be good.

Head to Cranes Orchards, just one of West Michigan's U-Pick Apple Orchards (they might have some peaches left), is less than 7 miles from our front door. They have 14 different varieties, such as Gala, Macintosh, Honey Crisp, Cortland, Golden Supreme, Jonagold, Empire, Jonathans, Ida Reds, Golden Delicious, Mutsu, Red Delicious, Fuji, and Braeburn. For more info, call 269-561-8651 or visit And there's also Earl's U-Pick Farm--through October 15, you can pick red or gold raspberries. For more info, call 269-227-2074 or visit

Why not hit the Saugatuck Dunes State Park and take a long walk through the woods, it will be just beautiful.

Breakfast this morning is baked blueberry pancake, Banana Bran muffin, watermelon slices, and of course Italian Espresso organic coffee (yes-free trade too).

Don't forget to check out our calendar of events for September at

From all of us here at Sherwood Forest Bed and Breakfsat, have a great Day!!!

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