Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ghoulish October 27, 2010

Looking for something to do during this ghoulish time of the year?

The Haunting
Long ago during the so called dark-ages in Saugatuck and Douglas, there was a Cabal known as the Watchers, they kept to themselves high up on a wooded hill overlooking the two villages. Sometimes under a full moon, you could hear screams emanating from their direction, sometimes the hill would be shrouded in mist on a sunny day. Then one day the house on the hill was just gone. There is a rumor that they quietly joined the ranks of locals who live here and to this day, over 100 years later, there are certain people who never seem to age. Sometimes late at night on the eve of the Festival of the Dead, a young couple will go missing and somehow tow people in town seem to get younger.

Don't forget to walk along the beach late at night and you can hear the cries of lost sailors who went to davy jones locker or do you just hear a lone seagull or two.

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Our Newest and soon to be the most popular "Off Season Package"
Hands-On Group Cooking Classes
with Chef Jim LaPerriere to offer some fun and instructive cooking classes. LaPerriere worked for 6 years as sous chef at Biba's before leaving to study at the Culinary Institute of America in New York and graduated number one in his class. He worked with chef Mark Miller at Red Sage in Washington, D.C., studying Southwestern Cuisine; he was sous chef at Mustards Grill in Napa Valley; and he was owner and executive chef at Enotria Cafe and Wine Bar in North Sacramento (earning and maintaining a four-star review). The interactive cooking class experience includes an evening of professional instruction designed around your groups' culinary interests, including ingredients, menu, recipes, beverages, and of course, a really good time. Available for 2 to 10 people, November through April (2-night minimum stay required), the cost of this package ranges from $650 to $2150. For more info or to book this package, please call Keith or Sue at 800-838-1246 or you can e-mail us at 

The Birthday Bash You provide the birthday, and we'll handle all the arrangements. All you need to do is bring your birthday suit (and suitcase). Upon arrival, you'll enter a celebration-filled room with helium balloons all inscribed with messages foretelling of the wonderful event taking place, a birthday bouquet, and a bottle of Michigan's finest champagne We'll also include for your gastronomical pleasure, the piece de resistance, a specially-made birthday cake (singing optional). $75.00

From all of us here at Sherwood Forest Bed and Breakfast, have a Ghostly Day!!!

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