Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day 2011

Help the planet by being one of the people contributing to A Billion Acts of Green! When each one of us does one simple act in our community and our friends and neighbors do one simple act in theirs. Collectively when compounded across borders and oceans, we can make a difference. Whether it be something as simple as washing laundry in cold water. Picking up trash along the street, hang your clothes on a clothes line, plant a tree, walk ride or use public transportation. Reusable shopping bags, plant a garden, eat organic. Eat locally gown food, switch off the tap while brushing, take shorter showers. The list is endless. Re-purpose, use rechargeable batteries, turn your computer off when not using it, lower the heat in your house at night by 2 degrees. These things and more, A Billion Acts of Green can make out planet healthy for millions of years to come. In everything we do, we have an impact. Remember we are all in it together. One of the best websites I've found dedicated to this purpose is

At Sherwood Forest Bed and Breakfast, we think about our purchases in relation to the impact it has on the local environment and the watershed of the Great Lakes River basin in which we reside. That watershed in turns and how it effects the rest of the planet also. We strive to use environmentally safe cleaning agents. We buy locally grown organic produce when available. We compost and recycle.

This is a great planet to hang out on, lets all enjoy it and may the air we breathe the water we drink and the food chain be safe forever more.

Have a great earth day everyone...

From your friends at the Sherwood Forest Bed and Breakfast

keith & Sue

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