Friday, May 13, 2011

Rain and I don't mind

The rain last night was awesome, 3.5 inches.... The maple leaves doubled in size, the creek in the backyard was flowing like a river too. Even though I want it to be sunny skies, warm days and cool nights, mother earth needs the fresh water rain gives it. We need some good soakings for the May flowers to keep going. The Azaleas are about to pop, the Ornamental Peach tree is in full bloom, The Magnolia in the side yard is ripe with blossums and once again all is good here at Sherwood Forest Bed and Breakfast.

This is a great planet to hang out on, lets all enjoy it and may the air we breathe the water we drink and the food chain be safe forever more. Come on over and hang out with us for a few days if you get the chance, it's always nice here at the Sherwood Forest bed and Breakfast.

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