Friday, May 11, 2012

Wooden Shoes

Wooden shoes are a very practical footwear for gardening, getting the mail, and general use. See the shoe maker produce wooden shoes from block of poplar wood using authentic Dutch machinery (still used in Europe today) designed especially for making wooden shoes.  Their wooden shoe hand carver was specially trained and received his diploma in wood carving from the Netherlands.

The De Klomp Wooden Shoe and Delft Factory is a store that words cannot describe. From the time you walk into the door, your eyes will not believe the beauty and splendor of the items on their shelves.

Everyone needs a pair of Wooded Shoes, be the first in your neighborhood to own a pair, their hip, their organic and you'll be a hit at every party you go to.

Brought to by the friendly folks

Sherwood Forest Bed and Breakfast
Saugatuck/Douglas, Michigan 49406


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