Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Graveyard

 The Graveyard
I knew the moon hovered somewhere above me, its pale light only shown briefly through the thick canopy that crept over the sky. Like bony fingers, the branches seemed intentionally to bow overhead, weaving themselves with their neighbors making a nearly impenetrable ceiling. The night chill sent shivers up my spine, I was unsure if it was due to the nature of the night, or an uncanny sense of the unnatural. My mind of course twisted all sounds and scents that the normally beautiful night air would offer. I jumped here and there, as the slightest breeze would rustle what undergrowth there was. Small animals must have been circling, snapping twigs, only to spark my dangerous imagination.
 1st paragraph by Jared Silent Press

Sherwood Forest Bed and Breakfast
Saugatuck/Douglas, Michigan 49406


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